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Continuum Theory of Plasticity epub
Continuum Theory of Plasticity epub

Continuum Theory of Plasticity by Akhtar S. Khan, Sujian Huang

Continuum Theory of Plasticity

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Continuum Theory of Plasticity Akhtar S. Khan, Sujian Huang ebook
ISBN: 0471310433, 9780471310433
Format: djvu
Page: 431

Continuum theory of plastic deformation based on dislocation dynamics. A continuum micromechanical theory of overall plasticity for particulate composites including particle size effect. Effect of the discrete nature of plasticity on fatigue crack propagation. Introduction to Computational Plasticity, Oxford University Press, 2005. Continuum theories, which can predict size-dependent plasticity by accounting for length scales dislocation-based continuum theories of plasticity. Publish your article Open Access in International Journal of Plasticity 2. For the development of a continuum theory of plasticity which is based on the averaged dynamics of dislocation systems. Buy Continuum Theory of Plasticity book by Akhtar S Khan, Shaheer Ed Khan, Huang Online. Plasticity 24 (2008), 2125-2147. Research interests: Theoretical models of continuum plasticity; Dynamics of dislocations, grain boundaries,. A review of some plasticity and viscoplasticity constitutive theories J.L. Le, Dislocation pile-ups in bicrystals within continuum dislocation theory, Int. We developed an 1D continuum gradient plasticity model by homogenizing the ( microscopic) work done in a single-slip crystal.

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